A flavour of what we do
Architecture review. Guidance on improvement. Limited budget - focus points. Evaluation of work.

Practical encryption. Vulnerability scanning with Nessus. 

Red Teaming
Intelligence, Recon, Phishing, Persistence, Escalation, Exfiltration. 

Continous Assessment
Schemes and certifications such as Cyber Essentials, IT Health CHECK and PCI-DSS require annual testing. If a problem arises, a new vulnerability or a change to your network, your exposure could last for months. Exnd can continually monitor your internet estate for new vulnerabilities and changes to its footprint, alerting you to changes immediately or providing a weekly summary.



Security Software
Bespoke security software written exclusively for you, to improve the security of your systems. A recent example involved implementing custom password complexity rules to be automatically enforced by a Microsoft Windows domain.

Web apps, Inf and everything else. What's the exposure of adding something to your network.